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Our Team

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co-founder & canine culinary goddess

Dream trip: Hiking the 480 miles of Camino de Santiago de Compostela.
If I wasnít working at Cloud Star: Iíd be a dairy goat farmer.
Favorite superhero: My mom.
Favorite smell: The air coming out of the dryer vent.
If I could have dinner with anyone dead or living: It would be my grandma. 
Favorite quote: ďDonít ruin today worrying about tomorrow.Ē
Best advice: If it doesnít feel right, go with your gut.

inspiration 1998-2012

Barked at: Goats
Favorite activity:
Favorite food:
Fresh from the oven Buddy Biscuits.
Dreamt about:
Her younger days when she spent every waking hour frolicking with Nala.
Favorite Song:
"The Puppy Song" (Harry Nilsson) or the jingle from the 80ís toy Rub-a-dub Doggie (mom sang it to me when I would have a bath).

go-to gal

Next adventure: Marriage
Nickname: Can Can
If I could only eat one thing: Veggie Pizza.
You might never guess: I skydived in Switzerland.
Can't live without:  My dogs, Scout & Jack.

chief eater

Favorite food: Anything I find underneath the dinner table.
Pet peeve: People who ignore me.
Favorite movie: Lassie
Super power: Willing anyone within 5 feet to pet me
If Iím not sleeping on my back youíll find me: Hiking

biscuit whisperer of the west

Master of: Unicorn Parades
Last place I got lost: Denver. Note to self: always have a car charger. You never know when youíll get hit with a snow stormÖ
If I am not at work, I am: Exploring the world, on the back of a horse.
Once dreamed: That elephants and camels would be great pets. Still banking on the camelÖ
Favorite 80ís band: Talking Heads Ė no question!
Canít live without: My amazing friends and family. And, of course, my fur kids.


If I am not at work, I am: Hanging out with my dog Luke, at the pottery studio, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or singing in my car
Can't resist: Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Passionate about: Classic R & B
Can't live without: Dark chocolate
Favorite quote: "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France
Personal credo: "When I rest, I rust."

smooth operator

Next adventure: The big island of Hawaii Ė Aloha!
Once I dreamed: Of being an architect.
Theme song: ďTo Know Him Is to Love HimĒ by the Teddy Bears
Will always dance to: Anything Erasure
If I am not at work, I am: Somewhere else.
Dream car: One that is fueled by air.
Makes me laugh: Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, Lisa Lampanelli
Favorite game: Dominoes - Mexican Train
Last place I got lost: Marbella Spain, in the year 2000, looking for a new hotel.

office therapist

Scared of: spiders
Favorite book as a child: Little Women
80ís band: Rod Stewart
If I could only eat just one thing: Banana pancakes
Favorite phrase: ďIt is what it isĒ
Will always dance to: Any song... I love to dance
Weirdest food combination: Cereal and wine
I unwind by: Reading
Favorite game: Ping Pong
Favorite smell: Cinnamon

lady of the ledgers

Master of: Synchronized swimming
Super Power: Mind Control
Scared of: Husbandís bookkeeping skills.
If I could only eat just one thing: Pizza

score keeper

Master of: Online shopping.
You might never guess: I know every line in the movie, Grease.
If I could only eat just one thing: Chinese food, probably mapo tofu.
Biggest weakness: Being controlled by a 10 pound pekapoo, and doing whatever she demands, which usually means keeping her Kong filled with cookies.   
If I am not at work, I am: At the movies.
Barks at: People who donít obey traffic laws.
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite game: My family calls it Hell, but I think itís more well known as Nertz.  Itís a fun fast paced card game Ė watch out, there have been injuries.
Most awesome place Iíve traveled to: Galapagos Islands

statistical savant

Master of: Excel
Passion: Denver Broncos
Super Power:  Remembering obscure facts.
Nickname: JiBa
Best Skill: Nunchucks - not really.
80's Band: MC Hammer
Will always dance to: Macarena, Electric Slide, Party Rock Anthem.
Superhero: Superman or John Elway (same thing)
I unwind by: Hiking, watching sports, playing sports, playing video games, watching movies

hall monitor

I canít live without: Lakers basketball.  Just like the rest of my family, I am a diehard Lakers fan!  There have been times when I've lost my voice watching games, and sometimes, I've even cried when they lost in the playoffs.  Embarrassing, I know.
Best skill: Drawing.
You might never guess:  I drive a V8 truck!  I love my truck, I canít see myself driving a car.
If I could eat just one thing: SUSHI!
I unwind by: Going to the beach or going on a local hike with friends.

digital magician

Nickname: T-Bone (it's not really catching on), Mr. Matt
Adopted by a TV family: The Seavers
80's band: Devo
Biggest weakness: Peanut Butter M&M's.
Weirdest food combo: Butterscotch syrup and sardines (I'm not saying it's good, but it'd definitely be weird).
I might get caught singing: Theme songs from sitcoms of the 80's.
If I could only eat one thing: That would be lame.
Favorite word: Hella. It fell out of my vocab since I moved from the Bay Area, but I hella miss it!
Last place I got lost: Trying to find my car in the Cloud Star parking lot.


Master of: Bored internet browsing/shopping.
Next adventure: Costa Rica!
Nickname: Nina
Last place I got lost: All the time. I'd be lost without GPS.
If I could only eat one thing: Pizza.
Biggest weakness: Bread. I don't think there was a type I didn't like.
Favorite word: Chillax or lollygag. They're just fun to say.
Can't live without: My laptop or my family.
If I'm not at work, I am: Hiking or hanging out with friends.
Weirdest food combo: Cheetos and mustard (don't knock it until you've tried it).
Favorite smell: Freshly baked cookies.
Favorite game: CanJam.