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Here is a brief overview of what other people are saying about our products... 

Dynamo Dog Functional Treats

“My Westie has had stomach issues ever since he was a pup. I got the new Dynamo Dog Tummy Treats for him to try ... and I already see a change in him!! He's eating better and he's more playful! We can see he's feeling better! Thank you Cloud Star!" - Rebecca H. (via Facebook)

"Buddy still hasn't had a bad stomach day since beginning the 'Tummy' Treats!! It's been a whole month!! Thank you Cloud Star he used to get sick 1 time a week!!! You made my life so much less stressful!! I can hardly wait to share this with my Vet!!" -  follow-up from Rebecca H. (via Facebook)

"From time to time my 2 year old Shih Tzu gets a tummy ache for whatever reason. I just give him one of these and he's back to his happy self again. Even my 6 month old lab had a tummy ache this weekend. We gave her one of these and she was bouncing around again in about an hour. I LOVE these" - via Pawalla

"I moved to Arizona from California 2 years ago. My 7 year old Queensland Heeler, Abilene (Abie) who is my best friend, was recently diagnosed with Valley Fever. I caught it very early, and she is on Fluconosole which the vet says is very successful; still, one major side effect of the medication is nausea. The vet gave us medication for it, but I was hesitant to use one drug to combat the side effects of another. I discovered your Dynamo Dog "Tummy" treats. Abie loves them, she takes them readily with her medication. We have not had one issue with nausea since I discovered these "functional treats". Thank you for making my Abie's life more comfortable and for giving me a bit more peace" - Elaine C. (via e-mail)

"I never put a lot of stock into vitamins and supplements for dogs, but I am SO impressed with these. I've got a doberman, who are known for their gorgeous, sleek, glossy coats. My baby dog is a rescue who was emaciated and abused and her coat suffered a bit. I started giving her two of these a day after they came in her Pawalla box, and she is so soft and shiny now. Even her trainer asked me what I was feeding her because she's just got this luxurious coat." - Thyra (via Pawalla)

Original Buddy Biscuits

“My Australian Shepherd has food allergies and it’s really hard to find food/treats he can have. Once we altered his diet, we assumed treats would be off limits. But then we found Buddy Biscuits and he has no issues with them at all. And...best of all, he’s crazy about them. Our other Aussie, although she can eat anything, prefers Buddy Biscuits too.” - Frank G. (via Facebook)

“Buddy Biscuits rock!  I was looking for a wholesome dog treat with no corn for my Shih Tzu, who is sensitive to corn products, and he absolutely loves these Buddy Biscuits !  My other dogs are crazy about them as well.” - Wendy M. (via e-mail)

Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits

“Auggie loves the Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits in peanut butter! They are the perfect size for my little sheltie and he adores the peanut butter taste. I also love the soft biscuits because they are easier to break into tiny little bites and less ‘crumb-y’for giving as a treat during agility practice!” - Aimee L. (via Facebook)

“I just returned from the pet store with two bags of Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits. The biscuits are just soft enough and the right size for Miley and Maverick. They went crazy when they tried them. Now at the sound of a bag rattling they are both instantly at my feet, even though they are only 8 weeks old. What a great product!” - Jessica H. (via e-mail)

Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits

“My dogs both have food allergies. They can’t have meat so most dog treats are out of bounds for them. A friend of mine got a box of your Itty Bitty Peanut Butter Flavor for me. I tried them out on my boys. They LOVE them.  They scarf them down and look up wanting more. Thanks again for creating a dog treat that dogs with allergies can enjoy!” - Sharon A. (via e-mail)

“Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits! Finally, a chihuahua-sized treat. No more trying to break things into pieces for our gang of little dogs. Plus, they don’t leave my pockets smelling funny when I take a handful on our walks. And best of all - the dogs love ‘em! What could be better? Thanks Cloud Star!” - Megan M. (via Facebook)

Chewy Tricky Trainers

“Our Pom loves Tricky Trainers, they are perfectly sized, all-natural, and low-cal so we don’t worry about giving him anything unhealthy. And he loves them because they’re yummy!” - Wendi K. (via Facebook)

“I love the Tricky Trainers for agility training. They are the perfect size, are soft, and the salmon especially will convince Cooper to do ANYTHING.” - Amy S. (via Facebook)

Wag More Bark Less Treats for Dogs

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making a truly high quality, delicious, and healthy treat for dogs. Our dog, Lilly, has hepatic microvascular dysplasia which is a disease involving the liver and the proper digestion/elimination of toxins. Lilly is on a special diet and can only eat things with VERY minimal protein. We were not aware of her disease for the first year of her life and she struggled with eating/digestion. Once we discovered her disease we were limited to veterinary prescribed food and minimal to no treats. I can't tell you how
impossible it is to have a dog and not be able to give her treats. We tried COUNTLESS dog treats, researching them all to make sure they had less than 7% protein (and made in the USA) with failure every time as Lilly would get sick from the treats. It was finally then when a clerk at pet pantry helped us find your treats. Lilly always had gastric upset with any treats we gave her no matter the protein count until we found Wag More Bark Less. Your product is a godsend and our Lilly LOVES all of the flavors; they are low in protein which she needs and most importantly she has absolutely no problem digesting them and we know it is because you have made a truly high quality product.

Thank you for making an amazing product, for your commitment to quality
and for giving us a happy dog again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." - Alessia and Joe M. (via e-mail)

Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo

“I have never found another shampoo that leaves my dogs’ coats so soft and it smells great. It has been my shampoo of choice for years and I get lots of compliments on how soft my dogs fur feels.” - Paula H. (via Facebook)

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! For Pekoe (who is a schnauzer/poodle mix) shampoos/conditioners never had the positive results your Buddy Wash has given us. Buddy Wash keeps him smelling clean longer.”  - Alexa (via e-mail)

Buddy Rinse Dog Conditioner

“I found your Lavender & Mint Buddy Rinse Conditioner and decided to give it a try.  I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised just how good it is!  Her coat looks great, feels great and is nice and soft!  Today, the first day after I had used it, someone asked me where I had her groomed as, ‘there’s no way you get her to look that good yourself.’”  - Mike C. (via e-mail)  

Buddy Splash Spritzer

“My favorite product is the Lavender & Mint Buddy Splash. Not only does it help in between baths with Abby, but I can use it to detangle my own hair. I love the scent and it makes my life easier.” - Elisabeth L. (via Facebook)