Homestyle Meals

Each delicious, homestyle meal is made with whole, shredded meats and vegetables. Free of meat by-products, grain, corn, soy, white potatoes, colors and artificial flavors, every can is complete-and-balanced and ready-to-serve.

The Right Ingredients. The Right Recipe. The Right Process. The Right Price.

Gently Cooked,
Ready-To-Serve Meals

  • You can choose from a variety of protein options: beef, turkey, chicken and salmon, lamb, and chicken liver.
  • Your dog will love the taste, and you will love that you can see the whole meats and fruits or veggies in each serving – ingredients you recognize like chicken, carrots, pumpkin, and lamb.
  • Each flavorful, slow-cooked meal is prepared in a human-grade facility, like you would make it at home.

Available In These Grain-Free Varieties

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    Grain-Free Homestyle Meals Everyday Fall Feast with Turkey

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    Grain-Free Homestyle Meals Mediterranean Grill with Lamb

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    Grain-Free Homestyle Meals Salmon-Stuffed Chicken

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    Grain-Free Homestyle Meals Savory Stew with Beef

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    Grain-Free Homestyle Meals Slow Cooker Chicken

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Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Homestyle Recipes

Homestyle Recipes

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Simply Prepared

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Delicious, Healthy
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