Dehydrated Mix

You can make homemade dog food in minutes with our pre-prepped and dehydrated market produce. Each bag of mix includes the right combination of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, vitamins, and minerals to ensure that your dog is getting a complete-and-balanced meal every time.

The Right Ingredients. The Right Recipe. The Right Process. The Right Price.

Tasty & Highly Digestible

  • Each bag of mix includes dehydrated ingredients they’ll love and you recognize like carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, and pumpkin. We pre-cook our pulse ingredients for better digestibility.
  • These nutritionally dense recipes allow you to make homemade dog food without the guesswork.
  • Three recipe options include air-dried meats in the bag, which means all you need is water. Great for on the go.
  • One Garden Vegetables recipe allows you to choose the protein. Great for rotation diets.
Simple instructions allow you to give your dog a delicious, healthful meal in minutes. You control the protein.
Measure the mix based on your dog’s weight
Add the protein of your choice, cooked or raw
Add warm water based on your dog’s weight.
Mix and wait 15 minutes to serve.

Available In These Grain-Free Varieties

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  • Grain-Free Dehydrated Mix Pork & Vegetables Recipe

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